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London Gems: Hyde Park

One of my favorite places in London is one of its tourist attractions and I’m totally fine with it. Hyde Park is situated in London’s West End. Expansive and welcoming, it features much-needed green space, habitats, and gardens for busy Londoners and tourists alike. I love it for a bit of respite from the streets of the city and I use it as a cut-through to some of its best sites.

On the east end side, visitors will find posh Mayfair, Buckingham Palace (along with its respective gardens: Green Park and St. James), and the Wellington Arch.IMG_7040 (1).jpg

To the south, you’ll find Royal Albert Hall for concerts, the wonderful Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, and Harrods for shopping.34130_405938218841_6915897_n.jpg408247_10150471578558842_191481143_n.jpg

To the west, Kensington Palace for a glimpse into Princess Diana’s life and a bit of afternoon tea.


And to the north, famous pretty-in-pastels Notting Hill and quirky Portobello Market.197255_10150111766183842_1333130_n.jpg

But don’t forget the interior! Featuring large lakes, swaths of green, a smattering of decent restaurants and even a gallery, Hyde Park alone is worth the walk whether you’re using it to get somewhere else or not. And if you’re lucky enough to be there during high summer, you might catch a good show while you’re there!37317_406494943841_3460340_n.jpg


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