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In Review: The Tiniest Travel Hairdryer

I am forever on a quest for the best travel gear. And when I say travel gear, I don’t (usually) mean hiking pants, boots, water filtering tablets or anything all that adventurous. I mean light-weight, extra-useful, itty-bitty stuff. Mini versions of my everyday, go-to, gear.

Normally, I don’t bother to drag hairdryers with me when traveling. It always struck me as fussy, they always took up too much space, and I figured I’d just suffer through the hotel dryer. But then I got a perm and while that was supposed to make my hair less cumbersome, it kinda sorta makes me require a diffuser if I want any volume.


My first option to get around the quagmire of no hotels having diffusers on their built-in god-awful hair dryers was to order YS Park’s sock-style diffuser.


I ordered a small off of Amazon for about $22, figuring it would fit most hotel dryers. About the size of an ankle sock, it folded up nicely and was super lightweight. But it had mixed reviews for good reason (and let’s face it, was probably a knock off). Some people got diffuser socks with little straps to secure it to the dryer; some didn’t. Some people got decent yet soft airflow; others got none at all. I had no straps and no virtually no airflow. Eventually, I gave up and tried a diy method (nylon socks…newsflash: they melt!) and then just holding my old fold-up travel dryer comically far away from my head.

Needless to say, it got sent back and I was back on the hunt for a travel diffuser.


After a lot (so much) of research, I stumbled upon Sephora’s mini dryer which not only came with its own tiny diffuser head but also a concentrator – this was important because while I could just get a diffusing-only dryer, I wanted both so I could 1) straighten my hair if I wanted to) and 2) have something in the future if I ever decided to not have permed hair.

But here’s what’s impressive about this dryer: it weighs about 5 ounces and is only slightly larger than a can of soda (it’s 5.5″ x 3″ x 3″). I can throw it in a bag and not even notice it. It has dual voltage so I don’t have to worry about extra plugs. It’s dual air power. It’s relatively quiet. It feels smooth and silky in the hand. It looks classy.

It’s only $26 flippin’ dollars.

For the past month now, I’ve been test driving it on weekend’s at my boyfriend’s house. While my full size Chi dryer is more powerful, quieter, and faster the Sephora Mini is loads better than a sock diffuser or no diffuser, takes up so little space (bathroom counter or bag), and virtually no weight that I can’t really imagine going back to the ol’ wimpy hotel dryers of yore.

And that, friends, makes it some damn good stuff.

cell phone bathroom selfies: when it’s 7:15am, you’re late for work (and grumpy about it) and aren’t blogger-legit enough to have a total camera set-up / instaphotographer…but you’ve still got curly hair!


*As always, this is an honest product review with no compensation received.





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