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Week in Review: Aveda for (Un)Natural Curls

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a chronic product buyer. I live for samples. I love travel sizes. And I don’t think I’m ever fully satisfied with any product for too long – there are too many choices and always something on the horizon.

For the past month of my perm, I’ve been pretty dedicated to the DevaCurl routine (see reviews from last week here). I use the shampoo, conditioner, gels and sprays. I became a believer in microfiber towels for hair after scoring a freebie in one of their sets.

But I sometimes wonder about the products I’m using. Sometimes I’m put off by artificial fragrance (a big detractor for DevaCurl is that their stuff smells a lot like candies); sometimes I try to lean towards more ‘natural’ products. And while normally I think Aveda is putting on a bit of a show, they had my hairdresser’s stamp of approval and that made some of their products worth a shot.


Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash

Aveda’s Co-Wash for curly hair is apparently a bit of a misnomer. According to some reviewers, it should really be for everyone. And while most people were commenting about how gentle and reforming it was for their hair, I’ll admit that my motivations were a bit more basic: I wanted one product to do all the things. It’s sheer laziness and space constraints- I want something that takes up less space in my travel bag that’s a one stop wonder. So it sort of annoyed me when the sales lady told me I would still have to use shampoo and conditioner and co-wash. But I didn’t. And it was totally fine. I washed my hair several times a week and each time only used Co-Wash and it wasn’t too dry or too oily…it just seemed balanced. Like all Aveda stuff, it’s a little herbal-y so the semi-citrus scent took a little getting used to.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer

Lots of happy customers for this one but I think it’s too heavy for fine curls. My hair just seemed weighed down – not a lot of bounce or definition. I ended up boosting it a bit with the Phomollient which definitely helped but had a few problems of its own. I really wish this had worked out because I love their signature bergamot-citrus-and-floral scent.

Aveda Phomollient

This stuff also has rave reviews and I was told I could use it as a replacement for gels. It’s a volumizer and a curl enhancer that I never quite got the hang of. According to users, it can be scrunched in damp or dry – diffused or not, I still got some definition but a lot of crunch. It does work as a decent touch up if you’ve used other products and need a pick-me-up later in the day. I was able to scrunch in a pump or two of foam onto dry hair with really rapid movements – this kept my hair from sticking to my hands and getting frizzy but the tips still got crunchy and honestly, I’ve found scrunching slightly wet hands throughout get me the same effect.

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

Smells like root beer. I’d get wafts of it throughout the day – which wasn’t a bad thing but could be a problem if it conflicted with other more intentional scents. This is sprayed throughout and worked pretty well. I think a little goes a long way as over-spraying had a tendency to induce that second-day hair feel. This and the Co-Wash were my favorites.

Aveda Thickening Tonic

Smells like hairspray. Wasn’t entirely convinced that it did anything.

*As always, views are my own without any compensation. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!


This weekend: Is likely a total wash-out! I’m looking forward to sleeping in, drinking a little less espresso in the morning, checking up on my blueberry bushes, and maybe baking some bread. Happy weekend!




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