Week in Review

Week in Review / Frigidness or the Lack Thereof

One of my goals for 2017 is to write more regularly- to map out all the little things that got me through the day and into the weekend. I’ll be sharing an article I couldn’t stop thinking about, a product I love, a song I had on repeat, or a book that really stuck with me: tiny glimpses of what I’ve been up to and things you might enjoy as well!

IMG_20170105_154951_366.jpgThis week, our weather decided to go full-on winter. St. Louis has been relatively #blessed this season with absurd highs in the 60s and 70s but as every good St. Louisan knows, those temps can only last for so long. We dropped down to a solid 9 this week and got our first hint of January snow with about a 2-3 inch dusting. Luckily, my new parka came just in time!



I pretty much tore through Therese Oneill’s Unmentionable over my three day weekend. It’s a quick read full of historical insights into values and mores re: women’s bodies that is on the one hand deeply, deeply sad and highly funny. We’ve come a long way with still quite a ways to go!



Part of my goal for 2017 was to Marie Kondo my closet- eliminating that which I no longer need and filling any gaps with high quality, long lasting items. One of the major things missing in my closet was a serious winter coat. I walk a blustery 3 miles a day to get into work. I debated going the more traditional route and getting a long down jacket or a three-in-one coat but opted for a parka in the end. When I was in Iceland, I spent a lot of time looking at 66North jackets and while I couldn’t stomach the cost at the time, I decided to invest this year (post-holiday 40% sale!). 66North makes jackets for the Icelandic search and rescue team- Snaefell is also vegan, waterproof, windproof, has taped seams, and carefully placed pockets that stay in reach with packs on. It has deep external and internal pockets and cords to customize the waist and hood. It also vents moisture so that by the time I get to the office, I’m not all swampy and gross. So far, I’ve been perfectly comfortable (it’s amazing how much warmer you stay with windproofing!) during my morning walk and I see it getting lots of use in future Nordic adventures.

Photo c/o Moosejaw as it was seemingly too damn cold to get my phone to work!


When I was totally not twitter stalking Finn Cole, I discovered Jack Garratt. This (whole album) was my to and from work and I just love all the layers and soul.



“Aimeriez-vous aller à soirée punk?”

Why yes, Babbel, yes I would.

This weekend I am celebrating outliving predictions! When I was 17, I was diagnosed with a heart condition semi-formally known as Sudden Death Syndrome. I was given 3 years to live and shortly after had a procedure done to (mostly) correct the defect. That was ten years ago, today. I’ll be celebrating with brunch at Reed’s American Table– reminiscing over a Spanish latte as that’s where I was ten years ago!- buying art supplies, catching up on some reading, and heading out to 1111 Mississippi for a birthday dinner. Sundays are for sleeping in!



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